Wedding Cheese

Whatever your special occasion, make a cheese stack or platter the showpiece for your gathering.

The Extra Large

Small and Large Chedder waxed hearts


Peakland White

Hartington Stilton

Hartington Bomber (Black wax)

90-120 servings    Approx. 8.9kg    £225.00

The Large

Small and Large Cheddar Wax Heart

Baby Dovedale

Snowdonia Bomber (black wax)

Cheshire with Gin and Lemon (yellow wax)

Vintage Red Leicester

85-100 servings    Approx. 8.5kg    £215.00

The Medium

Baby Dovedale

Baby Cornish Yarg

Snowdonia Bomber (black wax)

Cheshire with Gin and Lemon (yellow wax)

50-75b servings    Approx. 5.4 kg    £140.00

The Small

Cornish Yang


40-60 Servings    Approx. 3.8kg    £95.00

The Petite

Small Mature Cheddar Wax Heart

Baby Dovedale

Extra Strong Cheddar Wax Truckle

Small Camembert

Baby Cornish Yarg

20-25 Servings    Approx. 2.15kg    £65.00

The Truckles

Waxed Chedder Truckles, Choice of:

– Strong Chedder

– Caramelised Onion

– Chilli & Lime

– Ale & Mustard

– Whiskey & Ginger

Min 24 Servings     9 Truckles from 1.8kg     From £36.00

Our hand-picked combinations are designed for a delicious balance of flavours, as well as a feast for the eyes.

We can supply a selection of crackers and chutneys to compliment your cheese.

Also if you want to design your own combinations, were happy to help.

Please note the prices shown are for the cheese only. Delivery, board hire and setting up the cheese are an additional cost.